The CannonSmoke Co.


Welcome to the home of The CannonSmoke Co. purveyors of  reproduction American Civil War artillery pieces.

We produce several pre-1865 models used in both on the field and naval services. Whether you are a re-enactor or hobbyist we are sure to have a model to suit your budget.

The CannonSmoke Co. is proud to offer a quality reproduction cannon at an affordable price. In doing so we have made the dreams of those who wish to purchase their own part of history a reality!

Our full scale Civil War cannons, mortars and naval pieces boast a barrel constructed of cast ductile iron built around quality seamless steel liners.

We also have a sub-scale line for those who want ordnance pieces without the size and weight that  comes with owning a full scale model!

If your interest's are rooted in the American Civil War our Mountain Howitzer, 6 pound Field Gun or Ordnance Rifle are just a few models offered.

Whether your sympathies lie with the Boys in Blue or you fight against Northern aggression, we are here to assist in your purchase of a cannon or mortar.

We didn't want to leave out those who are pirates at heart so we have a line of naval ordnance for you also!

 Feel free to email us with any questions!

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Thank you and we are very sorry for the inconvenience


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